What Justin Verlander and Samuel L. Jackson Have in Common

Cy Young? Verlander is firing for more. (Wikmedia image)

ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian believes that Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers is all but guaranteed to win the American League Cy Young. I’m telling you he deserves to be the American League Most Valuable Player.

I’ve heard it before: Starting pitchers can’t be MVP. They only play every five games. So?

Mofo lines aside, he's a very good actor and often steals the show. (Wikimedia image)

When’s the last time Samuel L. Jackson was on the screen more than anyone else in a movie?

He still steals the show. Ever seen the Dark Knight? Heath Ledger carried that movie as the Joker without being the main character (although you could argue that). It’s the same with Verlander. Even though he only plays once every five games, he has made the Detroit Tigers the team that they are.

The Tigers are a below .500 team when Verlander doesn’t pitch. He currently has a record of 20-5. When he starts the game pitching he controls that game. He is almost unhittable right now.

I know there are some great candidates out there (but there is only one that plays for Boston). Curtis Granderson is a great man and a great player and I’d love to see him win, and Adrian Gonzalez has been a monster, but I don’t think either of them have had the impact Verlander has had; they have not been as “valuable”. New York and Boston are both playoff teams without those players; Detroit isn’t holding a decent lead in the Central without Verlander.

If that doesn’t make him the most valuable, I don’t know what does.

What do you think? Should a pitcher ever be MVP? Comment and let the sneakysportsblog know.


2 thoughts on “What Justin Verlander and Samuel L. Jackson Have in Common

  1. Yes, Verlander is by far the MVP. Recently he threw a 6 inning game, which was the fewest amount of innings he’s thrown in a start this year. That’s the absolute epitome of an ace, someone who takes the ball every fifth day and gives you seven to eight dominant innings. Without Verlander, Detroit is .500 at best and there is no other player in the AL that you can say makes such a tangible impact on his team’s playoff hopes.

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