NFL Bandwagons: Week 2

Cam Newton continues to impress. (AP photo/MattYork)

If you read NFL Bandwagons Week 1, you know that the first week of the NFL season made no sense. Week 2 didn’t really either. The Redskins and Bills are 2-0, the Ravens got schooled a week after dismantling one of the league’s elite, the Bears got destroyed by the Saints after a convincing Week 1 win against Atlanta, and Chris Johnson could only manage 53 yards on 24 carries. Although there was a bit of a return to normalcy with Jay Cutler, throwing only 42% of his passes successfully to his own team.

So how should you react to Week 2? Whose bandwagon should you join? Whose is slowing down?

A Return To Normalcy

Green Bay Packers– A bandwagontank last week, Green Bay played really quite poorly against the Carolina Panthers. For a Super Bowl winning team, a win like that gets about a C+. Offensively they were out of sync the entire game and Cam Newton threw for 422 yards against them. If the Panthers hadn’t turned the ball over so much, the Packers lose that game. Still, this team is bound for a great year and the bandwagon is going strong.

Cam Newton– Speaking of which, Cam Newton slowed his bandwagon just a bit. It’s tough to say you played a great game when you throw 3 interceptions, but he still played a good game. He ran fairly well and some of his throws were outstanding. That long completion he heaved to Steve Smith on the run off the wrong foot was incredible. Unfortunately he missed a few open guys and threw some bad interceptions. Regardless, I’m still feeling good about my preseason pick for Offensive ROY.

Pittsburgh Steelers– While the Packers and Newton walked backwards into this group, the Steelers charged forward. After a horrid Week 1 they played a good game, granted against a terrible team. Roethlisberger also got back on track and played well. Expect Pittsburgh to continue to improve.

Fred Jackson and the Buffalo Bills cannot be ignored. (Rick Stewart/Getty Images. Taken from bleacherreport)

If it works, run with it

Buffalo Bills– They’re 2-0, and their offense is scoring big time. The win on Sunday wasn’t pretty, but it was

against an Oakland team that looked okay against Denver week 1, and Fitzpatrick didn’t panic on 4th and 1 and came through with the victory. I wonder if his mid-season yards total will be higher than his SAT score. Whatever you’re doing, Buffalo, it’s working.

Washington Redskins– Also 2-0. Rex Grossman has continued to keep “Bad Rex” at bay, at least for now. Tim Hightower also ran pretty well, and this team appears like they might continue to surprise people. Neither of their wins have been pretty, but if it works, run with it.

How to become America’s bandwagon

Detroit Lions– For the first time in many years, the Detroit Lions looks like a formidable opponent. They

America's Team.... for now. (wikipedia image)

dismantled a professional team 48-3. Stafford has played brilliantly so far, Johnson is a touchdown machine, Best is healthy, and Burleson had a great week. Their defense also forced 6 turnovers and kept the Chiefs to under 300 yards of offense. Is there anyone in America who doesn’t want the Lions to do well? Just like the Pirates became America’s team for like a week until they remembered who they were and fell out of first place by a million miles, the Lions have the backing of all neutral football fans. Maybe something good can finally happen for Detroit again.

The Bandwagon is non-existent

Seattle Seahawks– It’s just not happening. Tarvaris was efficient, throwing 20-29 and no interceptions, but the Seahawks aren’t good enough to dink and dunk their way to victory. He was also the team’s leading rusher, but that’s not a good thing, because he led the team with 12 rushing yards. With only 31 rushing yards and an awful 2-12 third down conversion rate, Seattle showed themselves to simply be a weak team.

Minnesota Vikings– How can you give up a 17-0 halftime lead, at home, while running the ball well?

Kansas City Chiefs– No Eric Berry, no Jamaal Charles.

Way to make me look bad

After a great week 1, Joe Flacco and the Ravens will be pursued all year by the rest of the league (Wesley Hitt/Getty Images. Taken from bleacherreport)

Baltimore Ravens– Last week I was probably the first person to join the Baltimore Ravens bandwagon. I even suggested they might be the best team in their division. Then they get doubled up by an 0-1 Tennessee team. They even held Chris Johnson to 53 rushing yards! How can you lose to Tennessee when you shut down Chris Johnson? The answer is they only gave Ray Rice 13 carries, Matt Hasselbeck threw for 358 yards and they only created 1 turnover. Maybe this is a fluke, but you may want to be cautious before going all-in for the Ravens.

Join or get out of the way

Houston Texans– Well they didn’t exactly look terrific playing a Dolphins team that’s having some struggles now, but the Patriots didn’t exactly put them away quickly either, and a win on the road is a win on the road. Schaub played better this week and Andre Johnson is business as usual. And hey, if Arian Foster doesn’t get back to full strength Ben Tate is running the ball pretty well anyway.

New England Patriots– Brady lit up another team, and this time it was supposed to be a respectable secondary. Nevertheless, he threw the ball around at will and the Patriots put up 35 points against what is supposedly a top tier defense, and Ochocinco even made some plays. The defense also played well and Wilfork and Haynesworth are demanding attention. Haynesworth is getting block by two, sometimes three, guys on almost every play.

You’re going to make some people very angry this way

Chicago Bears– So are you a good team or not? Atlanta has a great offense and you made them look bad, but the New Orleans Saints were just that much better? Anyone who claims this team lives and dies with Jay Cutler also has some proof now: 19-45 is not going to win you many ball games.

San Diego Chargers– They turned the ball over three times inside the Patriots 35-yard line. The defense got torched, but the offense, besides those turnovers, was able to move the ball very well. Stop underachieving!

Chris Johnson– The big money man is seriously disappointing his team, his fans, and fantasy owners. He got 24 carries and could only turn it into 53 yards, that following a 9 carries for 24 yards game. Coming into the season, the jury was still out (for some people) whether he or AD was the best running back in the NFL. Chris Johnson had quite the argument and quite the following. Now it’s not a question. Now maybe HE should STFU and start earning his money.

Is Chris Johnson running nowhere? (wikipedia image)

In other news:

Adrian Peterson played very well. Even though the Buccaneers had to know the Vikings weren’t going to try throwing much, he was able to have a very good day running the ball. He’s definitely justifying (well it’s difficult to call any sports contract justifiable) his big contract.

How about all these receivers having monster weeks? Vincent Jackson, Miles Austin, Jeremy Maclin, Steve Smith, Denarius Moore (what a catch!) and Kenny Britt all shone last week.

Even though they lost, the Rams showed some signs of life. Bradford played well the first half and the defense made the Giants offense look pretty bad. It just goes to show how harmful turnovers are.

What is going on with the Big East? As a Marquette fan, this is troublesome. I say forget the football schools. The basketball schools should stand together and add some other teams looking to leave their conference.

I had an disagreement with a friend at school today. How many wide receivers are better fantasy options than Hakeem Nicks? I’m trying to justify taking him in the second round. Also who would you rather take as an NFL GM: Stafford and Calvin Johnson, or Schaub and Andre Johnson? I say Schaub and Andre, but let me know what you think.

So what did you think about NFL Week 2? Like, comment, SUBSCRIBE!


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