NFL Bandwagons: Week 3. The Wrath of Buffalo!

(Rick Stewart/Getty Images. Taken from bleacherreport)

The NFL makes no sense. None. People like me claim to know what’s going on, but don’t let us fool you. Why do the Eagles run three times in a row inside the one? How did Buffalo beat New England? How do you play in standing water? Why isn’t Jason Hanson in a retirement home?

With another week of football, another week of bandwagon joining and ditching.


Buffalo Bills– Those arrogant Patriots got what they deserved. I really didn’t think Buffalo had a chance coming into this game. I thought that it would be another one of those disappointing games where an upstart team plays a proven power and gets stomped. It looked like that at halftime. Then Bill Belichick let his Bill O’Reilly-sized ego get in the way and they tried to run up the score to prove that they were the better team to everyone who already knows it. That’s the Patriot way. So instead of running the ball and taking time off the clock they kept throwing. The Bills didn’t take kindly to that. Then pretty-boy Tom Brady threw 4 interceptions and next thing you know Lindell is kicking a chip shot field goal and the Bills win. This Bills offense refuses to back down. Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to throw way more touchdowns this year than his ACT score, and he might even approach his Wonderlic.

Lions– It looked like they were in serious trouble down 20-0, but since the Vikings don’t understand the concept of giving Adrian Peterson the ball, they came back and won, thanks to the aforementioned old guy kicking field goals. Is it time for going all in for the Lions? Next week they play the Cowboys, and if they win at Jerryland no further proof is needed; this team can play.

Okay, yep, it’s time to call it quits

Indianapolis Colts– My team. It was tough to watch Sunday night, as the defense played very well (without Brackett and Bullett, who are both on IR now) and they actually ran the ball effectively. Too bad neither quarterback was even remotely successful in any way. Seriously, if Curtis Painter completes that pass to Pierre Garcon (sorry I don’t know how to type a cedilla) for an easy touchdown the Colts probably win that game against the defending AFC Champs. That’s the problem though; the quarterbacking is really that bad. Two words: Andrew Luck.

St. Louis Rams– Granted, they played the Ravens. But they didn’t just lose, they were destroyed. When Sam

This is all you need to know about the Colts. (Andy Lyons/Getty Images. Taken from CBS Chicago)

Bradford plays like that, this team cannot win games. Actually, I don’t know if this team can win games if he plays well.

Good teams quickly losing bandwagoners to the Lions and Bills

Philadelphia Eagles– 1-2 is not what this team had in mind. I think they were expecting two losses all season. This team can run the ball (LeSean McCoy is a star), has the most talented quarterback in the league, has explosive wide receivers, has the best cornerback group in the league, and is effective at rushing the passer. So what’s the problem here? Well that quarterback can’t ever play because his offensive line can’t protect him and the linebackers are really pretty bad. Put the Super Bowl expectations on hold until they can work things out in Philly.

Atlanta Falcons– The Falcons bandwagon has broken down. With fairly high expectations to begin the season, the Falcons played badly against the Bears Week 1, won a close one against Philly, and now was defeated by a Buccaneers team that hasn’t hit its stride yet. They have not shown any reason for us to have faith in them and therefore this bandwagon is a must-avoid.

Ready for prime-time?

Oakland Raiders– The only reason they’re not undefeated is a great comeback by the Buffalo Bills that took a touchdown on 4th and goal to win it. Darren McFadden has blossomed into one of the best running backs in the game and Jason Campbell has played decent football. With the Chargers still underachieving, this team might be able to make a run to the playoffs. The game next week against New England should tell a lot.

Houston Texans– After their close loss to the New Orleans Saints, the commentators said that the Texans were still “learning to win” and should look at the game positively. Seriously? This team should be way past that point. If they want their bandwagon to go anywhere, they have to score when they get to the red zone and win these close games. I guess I don’t really know what to tell you about the Texans, because they have been a confusing team for years now. Their next three games are home against Pittsburgh and Oakland, and then Baltimore on the road. If they don’t win at least 2 of those games, forget it. I’m done waiting for this team to win.

A mystery to me

Chicago Bears- This team can’t catch a break. While it’s really an opinion call, Woodson should have been flagged for running into Devin Hester, because if he didn’t it was 6 points for the Bears. Then again, that should have been the case for Johnny Knox, but then he dropped a perfectly thrown ball from Jay Cutler. They also ran one of the best trick plays in history perfectly, but now it’s wasted because of a phantom call and everyone will be ready for it. They should have saved it for some time when they still had a chance to win. Personally, I think this team could still be okay, so I’m not leaving the bandwagon behind yet. I don’t blame you if you leave, though, because 13 rushing yards isn’t very convincing.

No worries, friends

The bandwagon is safe again. (Photo Copyright © ShoreShot Photography 2008)

Baltimore Ravens– Terrell Suggs is right: you can’t consider the Ravens back on track until they put together a winning streak. But that win against St. Louis was very decisive, and it’s the kind of game that will send people swarming back to a bandwagon that looked a little shaky after Week 2.

New Orleans Saints– The Week 1 loss was in no way a bad loss, Week 2 they played great, and they just played a good Texans team and showed they were clearly better. Who cares if you can’t stop anyone from scoring if you score 35 points every week? Bandwagoners love offenses, and they should love the Saints.

New York Giants– Week 3 and the Giants finally make it to the Bandwagon Report. That can be a good or bad thing, but in this case the Giants should be glad for it. Even with more injuries than you can believe, they seriously outplayed the Philadelphia Eagles, which is no small accomplishment. They should get wins the next two weeks against Arizona and Seattle, so this bandwagon is more than safe until they face Buffalo Week 6.

New England Patriots– I know the normal reaction for a bandwagoner would be to ditch this team after crumbling against the Bills, but this is the Patriots. Tom Brady probably won’t throw 4 picks over the next 4 weeks, and Bill Belichick might be able to get his ego in order. This team is still as good as any, and you should not leave this bandwagon.

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3 thoughts on “NFL Bandwagons: Week 3. The Wrath of Buffalo!

  1. I’m excited for our matchup this week, hopefully Fitzpatrick, who I picked up off the waiver, and my other star, Wes Welker, turn out to be more then just hot streaks. Also now I’ve almost completely disowned Chris Johnson. He’s done nothing this season! But every week they give him a high projection, expecting the breakthrough that has yet to appear.

  2. I hope the Bills and Lions keep up their good starts. Don’t they have two of the longest current postseason droughts in the NFL?

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