NFL Bandwagons: Week 4. Welcome to Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood

After Week 4 it’s still way too early to pick out playoff teams, and most of the time it’s too early to eliminate

Don't forget about me. (wikipedia)

teams, too. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try. However, the first four weeks have shown some interesting trends. Some good teams (Eagles, Falcons, Jets, Steelers) have gotten off to very slow starts and could be in trouble if they don’t pull themselves together in a hurry. Some previously terrible teams (Redskins, 49ers, Lions, Bills) have proven they can win games. Other teams (Rams, Colts, Vikings, Jaguars, Seahawks) have just shown to be pretty bad. Some players have wilted under pressure (Tony Romo, Kyle Orton) and some have shown us how good they really are (Aaron Rodgers, Calvin Johnson).

So with all of that being said…. BANDWAGON TIME!

The conversation ends here

Calvin Johnson- Wide Receivers are very difficult to compare to each other because some have different skill sets and role on the team than others. That makes it difficult to decide who the best in the league is. Coming into the season, The Johnsons, Fitzgerald, and Roddy White were the names tossed around most often, with the occasional Mike Wallace, Greg Jennings, Hakeem Nicks, and so forth. With the injury to Andre Johnson, Calvin has put an end to the conversation. He’s the best and that’s it. If anyone wants to join his bandwagon and make that claim, go right ahead. Is Rob Ryan nuts? Can he really believe Austin and Bryant are both better than Johnson? It was so fitting that CJ just went out there and made his defense look silly (Don’t worry Rob I’ll get your brother later in the article). Good comeback by Schwartz, too.

Aaron Rodgers– Tom Brady imploded at Oakland, I refuse to discuss Drew Brees, Peyton Manning is

I'm not going to change my pick. But I wish I could because of this guy. Picture from

injured, and Michael Vick has no time to throw the ball. You have to be out of your mind to say that Aaron Rodgers isn’t the best quarterback in the league right now. He threw and ran his way into the record books last Sunday and proved convincingly that he is the best. Does anyone miss Brett Favre anymore?

Cam Newton– After a week off, Newton returns to the Bandwagon report. I know his team lost again, but we’re past Week 4 and his passer rating is higher than guys like Ben Roethlisberger, Kyle Orton, Mark Sanchez, and Josh Freeman. One week, it’s a fluke. Two and it’s a coincidence. Three? He’s for real.

Under the radar, on to the bandwagon!

San Francisco 49ers– They’re an overtime loss to Dallas away from being 4-0. Alex Smith is playing pretty well and Frank Gore just had a great game, and the defense is playing tough. Keep in mind that the NFC West is by far the worst in football, and you have a playoff team here.

Tennessee Titans– Matt Hasselbeck wants the ball because he’s gonna score. What’s up with him? He’s the fourth highest rated quarterback in the league right now. Chris Johnson FINALLY rushed for 100 yards. With the Colts out of it and the Jaguars foundering, Tennessee might just spoil this season for Houston.

Should we be worried?

Philadelphia Eagles– You should definitely be worried. They have the 2nd best run offense, 9th best pass offense, and the 11th best pass defense. So what’s wrong? The 3rd worst run defense. This team should be winning games and they aren’t. They couldn’t win the close one against Atlanta and they didn’t close against the Niners. This team is too good to abandon altogether, but be cautious. Keep in mind it doesn’t get easier, as they now play at Buffalo and at Washington going into the bye week.

Pittsburgh Steelers– Another loss and now they’re 2-2. Keep in mind they should have lost to Indianapolis. Big Ben has no time to throw the ball, and if the pressure has made him look terrible, what will it do to whoever has to play for him this week if he can’t go? I’m really worrying about my Super Bowl Pick right now.

Buffalo Bills– Darn, second time this season I have talked up a team one week and they let me down the next. I should have seen this coming, and I’m close to calling them overrated. However, if they beat the Eagles next week I’ll take it all back.

Seriously, it's not funny. Grow up. Picture from New York Daily News by Antonelli.

New York Jets– First of all I would like to say GROW UP REX RYAN BECAUSE THE CIRCUS ACT ISN’T FUNNY ANYMORE. YOU ARE A FRAUD AND SHOULD GO BACK TO BEING A COORDINATOR BECAUSE YOUR TEAM IS CRAP. I’m not sure that’s too harsh (although it’s never nice to call someone, even the Jets, crap). A head coach is allowed to yell at a referee, but the cornucopia of profanity he served out to the officials after they reviewed and upheld the Sanchez fumble was inexcusable. I’m sick and tired of Rex Ryan and he would do everyone, including his team, a favor by shutting up. I see why Sanchez tried modeling because the whole football thing isn’t really working out. Why are the Jets trying to be a passing team when they’re built around defense and running the football? Well I guess it doesn’t matter because they couldn’t run against the Ravens either.

Faithful fans appearing out of the woodwork?

Chris Johnson– His supporters are going to try to claim he’s back and that he’s as good as ever. We’ll see. At this point, I’d rather have LeGarrette Blount, the most difficult tackle in the NFL. If you want to rejoin the bandwagon, go ahead. If you claim you never left, stop talking to me.

Eli Manning– He’s off to a great start and is a big reason why his Giants are 3-1 right now. So to those of you who believed him when he claimed to be an elite quarterback, good for you.

In Other News

Good week from Tarvaris Jackson. He almost defeated the Falcons while throwing for 319 yards and three touchdowns.

Did the Texans really mean to give Arian Foster that many carries? I know he ran fairly well and Ben Tate and Derrick Ward were both hurt, but he just got back from injury. Bet they wish they had kept Steve Slaton one more week.

Okay, seriously, I don’t cry. Gran Torino is the only movie that ever made me cry, and that was just barely. Luciano Pavarotti singing Miss Sarajevo is the only time I have even almost cried listening to music. I didn’t cry when I had my infamous incident sliding into second base. But there was something about the ovation Eric Foster received from the fans of the opposing team while being carted off the field as he emphatically thumped his chest telling his weeping teammates that he was okay that ALMOST got me.

What a cool moment. NFL players are people too. Picture courtesy of Robert Scheer from the Indianapolis Star.

Apparently Steve Smith forgot he is 32 and hasn’t gained 1,000 yards in a season since 2008. He’s second in the NFL behind Wes Welker while catching about half the passes that Welker has.

The two leading tacklers in the league are Colts linebackers Pat Angerer and Kavell Conner. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?


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