The SneakyGoodSportsGuy is calling you out!

There are some people in the sports world who need to be called out and held accountable for their actions. I’m on my soapbox challenging you from the blogosphere.

Picture by Mary Altaffer from the AP.

David Stern– C’mon Commish. Zydrunas Ilgauskas could run to Lithuania and back before the players and owners agree on a deal. This is on you. If you can’t somehow moderate this disagreement that appears to be purely about money, you fail. If the season is shortened, too bad. If the season is canceled…. don’t let it happen. By the way, when you mess up so bad that Dwyane Wade yells at you and walks out of the room you know it’s that bad.

Rex Ryan– I thoroughly chewed you out in NFL Bandwagons Week 4, but this is for a different reason. I seem to remember you challenging the rest of the league besides your guys to defeat the Patriots. It was like you were bearing some sort of burden of being the only team good enough to win against New England. It was as if you were Frodo weighed down by the one ring, hoping that a Samwise could somehow share the load. Well guess what, that Samwise is named the Ravens, and they just rocked your @#$% on national TV. I’m calling you out, and if you don’t beat the Patriots both times you play them and make the playoffs, you’re going to look even more silly than you already do.

John Marinatto– Mr. Big East Commissioner: While the ACC and Big Ten may foolishly claim to be the best basketball conferences in the country, everyone knows that there is no gauntlet of a schedule so daunting as the one teams in your conference have to face every year. All the experts are saying that your conference is dead in the near future, but you cannot let that happen. Even if UCONN, Cincinnati, West Virginia, Louisville, and Rutgers leave (who knows? there could be more, or maybe less?) you still have solid basketball teams (forget football, you’re already terrible there) in Villanova, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Marquette, and St. John’s. I challenge you to bring in more basketball schools and save this great conference.

Chris Johnson– What up CJ2K? I would like to actually CUPlay2Day. You told everyone to STFU this off-season while you demanded a new contract. Now would you actually live up to it please? You finally rushed for 100 yards last week, but even that should be a paltry total for the amount of money you got. You also have a quarterback playing pretty darn well right now, so if you would take some pressure off him and rush for 125 or 150 now and then, you might be a playoff team.

NBA Rank– I have been following ESPN’s NBA Player Rank since it began in August, and besides a few glaring mistakes you have done a fine job. I know it’s already been voted on, but the top 50 better be right. If LeBron and Kobe aren’t 1 and 2 (order doesn’t matter) there is going to be trouble. Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Amare Stoudemire, Dwight Howard, and Dwyane Wade better all make the top ten.

Terrell Owens- You claim to still be a contributor, so if somehow takes a chance and signs you, live up to your words. You surprised people with a great season last year, but that was following a disappointing tenure in Buffalo. I think it would be cool if you went back to Buffalo and helped get them to the playoffs.

Russell Wilson– Actually, I just wanted to take this chance to say you’re the man Russell. You are gracious, smart, articulate, and you’re one heck of a football player. I’m not going to call you out to win a Heisman or win a national championship, but a repeat as Big Ten Champions would be nice.


3 thoughts on “The SneakyGoodSportsGuy is calling you out!

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  2. How about Alex Rodriguez? I mean, he has more playoff-ending moments than LeBron in a LeGame 6 situation. If he wants to have a monster contract and consider himself one of the greatest baseball players out there, he needs to get his act together and actually perform in the playoffs.

    • That’s true. At times he has seemed so passive since going to New York.

      It would also be fair to call out the entire New York team, and the Phillies too. Those teams were way too talented to lose in the first round.

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