NFL Bandwagons: Week 5. What if I told you?

I feel like a broken record starting these articles every week with the statement “the NFL makes no sense.” But seriously it doesn’t. Set this season out in an equation and give it to the guy in A Beautiful Mind and he’d start having crazy visions of Paul Bettany and Ed Harris again. Turn it into a contraption and MacGyver would cover his face and cry. Tell Mozart to write it as a symphony and he would promptly laugh in your face, walk out the door and go get drunk. Then he’d write it into a perfect symphony because he was just that good.

So before this season, what if I told you:

that Tim Tebow would be starting by week 6?

that the man from Stanford would be 4-1?

that the quarterback who used to play for that man is the future Colts fans look to?

that the Dream would become a Nightmare?

that Al Davis finally died?

that Detroit and Buffalo have something to celebrate?

that a Lion, (Detroit) Tiger, and Bear are all leading MVP candidates?

You wouldn’t believe any of it. Bandwagon Time.

Finally! Now’s our chance!

Tim Tebow– I have been on the fence about Tim Tebow for a long time. I think Skip Bayless overestimates

He's getting his chance and I'm betting he makes the most of it. Picture from wikipedia.

the unquantifiable “ability to win” while Merill Hoge and Boomer Esiason underestimate his ability to throw. The Denver fans love him, and so do many others, like Mr. Bayless. They just needed him to actually play before they declared themselves bandwagoners. Well now is your chance, and I advise everyone join this bandwagon. Even if he only plays okay, even if his team only wins a few games, you know he’s going to make a difference. And hey, maybe he will have a great season? Philippians 4:13 bro.

Cincinnati Bengals– I have not been too kind to the Bengals this year, but do you realize they’re 3-2? That happens to be the same record as the Steelers. Next week they play the Colts, and if the trend continues this team will be 4-2!  While Cam Newton appears to be running away with the Offensive ROY (my pick hey-yo) Andy Dalton and A.J Green are both having very solid rookie seasons. Cedric Benson is having a nice season too. I think it would be foolish to call them playoff contenders, but you Bengals fans who thought they naysayers might be wrong: this bandwagon has some life.

They are who we thought they were.

Tennessee Titans- This team was not as good as a 3-1 record implied they were. The Steelers, who played much better on Sunday (and I feel a lot better about my Super Bowl pick again), really beat them pretty badly. Put your AFC South Championship hopes away for the time being.

Peyton Hillis– I AM NOT A RACIST. But I wasn’t buying Peyton Hillis as a star running back. I know it’s kind of unfair to write about him when he didn’t even play this week, but Madden Curse or not he has not been very good so far.

San Diego Chargers– It’s about time I gave some credit to the Chargers. I’m always skeptical of this team, and after the slow start I had plenty of reason to think that way. However, anyone who made preseason Super Bowl picks for this team should not be so worried. They defeated Denver on the road, withstanding the rallying power of Tim Tebow. I say if you want to join this bandwagon go right ahead.

They are NOT who we thought they were.

Picture from

Philadelphia Eagles– They MUST be trying to lose. How can a team that is this purely talented lose this many games? This should have been the number of losses (4) that they had at the end of the entire season. Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Nnamdi, Asante, Trent Cole. That is STAR POWER. Is it coaching? Is it Vick? Nope it’s the 30th ranked running defense and the fact that they don’t show up in the 4th quarter. This team is too good to completely abandon, but at 1-4 and with the Giants and Redskins both off to good starts, they could miss the playoffs entirely.

Jacksonville Jaguars- They have quickly fallen from being a benefactor of Peyton’s surgery to one of the sorriest teams in the NFL. They run the ball well and play good defense, so why are they 1-4? No, it’s not the punter (they are having auditions this week for a better one). It’s the worst passing offense in the league. Why they let David Garrard go is a mystery to me. Los Angeles is looking more and more likely.

Being second best is good too.

New Orleans Saints– While the Packers, the one team the Saints lost to, are clearly the best team in the league right now, the Saints are in the mix for the second best. What’s not to like? The defense has not been bad and they can win an offensive battle against anyone. They also have an important “space player” in Darren Sproles. While the Falcons continue to struggle, the Saints keep winning, and a two seed in the playoffs is a strong possibility.

New England Patriots- Forget the fact they have the worst pass defense in the league. When you have the best pass offense and score over 30 points through your first five games you don’t need to worry. The incredible comeback by the Bills is the only reason this team isn’t unbeaten. They’re still as good as any one of the teams claiming to be second-best.

In other news

Who says the days of the feature back are over? Adrian Peterson, Darren McFadden, Matt Forte,  Maurice Jones-Drew, Cedric Benson, Ryan Matthews, Michael Turner, too name a few, have all been taking on heavy workloads and producing high numbers.

A lot of people quit on Jason Campbell, but he’s not had a bad season so far. Then again he did throw that TERRIBLE pass in the New England game at a critical time.

Bring on Andrew Luck. I’m a Colts fan and 1-15 (you have to win one) sounds fine to me if it means drafting Luck. Let him learn from Peyton (who understands the game as well as anyone) for three years and the franchise can be saved.

I was serious about Matt Forte and Calvin Johnson being MVP candidates. Forte has nearly half of his team’s offensive yards and if his team was winning games I think he would be the leading candidate after Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. I’m also serious about Calvin Johnson. Detroit might not have more than one win if he wasn’t playing for them. Seriously.

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5 thoughts on “NFL Bandwagons: Week 5. What if I told you?

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  2. But if the Colts thought they could win another Super Bowl with Manning, wouldn’t they use the draft pick to help them win with Manning? It seems to me that if the Colts thought that Manning could still lead them to a Super Bowl that they would use every resource (like the #1 pick) to help make that possible. If they took Luck, wouldn’t they in essence be telling Manning: we’re not going to do everything possible to win a Super Bowl with you as our starting QB? I never thought about this then, but I think that this is what ticked off Favre so much when the Packers drafted Rodgers. Rather than take a player that would have helped them win with Brett, they took a player that would only help them win after he was gone. What I’m getting at with all of this is that they can’t take Luck without proclaiming that they have serious doubts about ever winning again with Peyton. Of course, if Manning never fully recovers none of this matters.

  3. I wonder: if you were a fully-recovered Peyton Manning would you want your team to draft with an eye for winning 3-4 years down the road or to help the team win while you were still the starting QB?

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