NFL Bandwagons: Week 7. The Lion King?


Disney has made some friggin good movies, but the Lion King has to be right up there among the greatest. It’s no wonder they decided to re-release it in September in 3D and introduce it to a new generation of viewers. It was also a bonus $93 million for what is arguably the most influential company in the world.

However, the Lions of the Detroit variation have also released a new version of themselves the last two weeks, and this one is not so good. What was once America’s new Team and one of the two remaining undefeated teams in the league now have to stop and think to themselves, “are we ever going to move forward in the circle of life?”

Hakuna Matata

Green Bay Packers– This team can’t play defense and it just doesn’t matter. Aaron Rodgers is simply too good. He is making a mockery of any and every secondary. He hasn’t had a bad game yet, and in fact, he has had nothing but GREAT games. If the defense can just play a little bit better this team will always win when Rodgers plays like he has to this point.

New Orleans Saints– The Saints can just flat out score points, and even when the Colts were still trying their hearts out on defense they cruised to touchdown after touchdown. They also play defense fairly well, better than the Packers do, anyway. Next week they can take it easy against the Rams and treat it as a tune up game for two important divisional games against the Buccaneers and the Falcons.

Inspired by Scar

Houston Texans– Just like Scar had to watch his brother Mufasa rule while he sat by and watched, the Texans have long had to watch the Colts win the AFC South year after year after year. And then the doubters, like me, started saying that Tennessee was going to take the crown away from them this year. Well the Texans got their chance this week, and they tossed Tennessee into a stampede of wildebeest manifest in the running games of Arian Foster and Ben Tate. They were so fired up, even the kicker Neil Rackers lit someone up on special teams. That’s the kind of win that will send bandwagoners swarming to you. Count me as one of them.

Matt Forte. Picture from the Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Bears– It didn’t take long for people to write the Bears off because of the early success of the Packers and Lions. Lions and Packers, Packers and Lions, that’s all you heard about. Then the Lions lost two games in a row and here come the Bears. Going into the bye week, they stand at a solid 4-3, with all three of their losses to good teams. If Jay Cutler could play just a LITTLE bit better, this team can certainly contend. I bet he wouldn’t mind a guy named Terrell Owens on his team….

Eli Manning– I don’t like to include players/teams that didn’t play in the past week, but I have unfairly left Eli out of the article, and he fits the description. There has never been any comparison between him and his brother since he joined the league, as Peyton is the superior passer, game manager, and commercial personality. There still is no comparison, but Eli has had a terrific season and if he wants to call himself an elite quarterback now that is fine by me. Especially when you consider the seasons that other “elite” quarterbacks have had (I’m looking at you Philip Rivers).

“You don’t know who you are.”

Joe Flacco, Josh Freeman, Kevin Kolb, Matt Ryan– Coming into the season you would have considered all of these guys top 15 quarterbacks. None of them belong in that group anymore. Joe Flacco was supposed to take a step forward this year, Josh Freeman was supposed to prove last season was no fluke, Kevin Kolb was supposed to show what he could do as a starting quarterback, and Matt Ryan had supposedly solidified himself as one of the better quarterbacks in the league. To this point they have all failed.

Detroit Lions– So are they a good team? I think normally NFL fans would look at a team that started 5-0 in the manner that the Lions did and call them pretenders, but because it’s the Lions everyone wanted to believe they were good. Just as quickly as people swarmed to this bandwagon, I think you should just as quickly leave. Well, wait until they take on Tebow next week in Denver, then make your decision.

I Just Can’t Wait to be King

Cam Newton– I wrote highly of him before when he was chucking for 400 yards, 2 int’s, and a loss. I’m

Cam Newton continues to impress. (AP photo/MattYork)

going to write him up now when he only threw for 256 yards and one touchdown, because it was the best game he’s played so far. 18/23 is efficiency any quarterback would love to have, and he didn’t throw an interception. He has proved time and again he can be an accurate quarterback, and he threw a beautiful pass to Steve Smith that would make any passer proud. He also ran for 59 yards and a touchdown on ten attempts. Most importantly, he won his second game. I’m still feeling great about my ROY pick.

Matt Forte– There is more to life than money, but Matt Forte is playing like it’s all that matters. He’s on pace for well over 2,000 yards from scrimmage, and he’ll earn big-time money sometime soon. He’s also gotten himself into the conversation for best running back in the NFL.

Pittsburgh Steelers– They want another shot at the Lombardi Trophy, and the way they’re playing, they are going to get it. They have a good offense and defense and they haven’t lost to any bad teams yet. I can’t imagine the thought of getting back to the Super Bowl isn’t driving this team each and every Sunday.

Circle of Life

Mike Wallace– Speaking of the Steelers, Mike Wallace has had an exceptional season. There is a constant cycle in sports of players fading from their primes and into retirement, being replaced by young stars of tomorrow. The young Mike Wallace is here. While he sometimes only has a big catch and then is silent the rest of the game, he can also be a consistent target and get close to ten receptions. You could even argue that he’s more of a deep threat than DeSean Jackson.

Blaine Gabbert- The beginning of a young quarterback’s career can often be a tough time, and Gabbert is no exception. Actually he’s been pretty terrible, but such is the circle of life in the NFL. Someday he’ll be an old veteran fading into retirement after an accomplished career, watching young college quarterbacks go through the same struggles he’s having now.

Christian Ponder- His completion percentage was terrible, but near the end of the game he played well, especially on third downs, and he threw one heck of a pass on the run to keep that last drive going. He’s going to struggle along with Gabbert, but after last week, if I had to pick one, it would be Ponder.

Carson Palmer– Maybe it’s just time to call it quits, eh Carson?

So I’m sure you all really want to know my take on Tim Tebow, right? He played terrible. But he won. And that is the legacy of Tim Tebow. Will his accuracy ever improve? I’m not sure, but he will always be able to win. Then again he played the Dolphins…. next week vs Detroit will be very telling. Just don’t get too riled up about this bandwagon yet….

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