NFL Bandwagons: Week 8

Guess who is playing really well right now? Picture by Jake Wickersham/Getty Images

Where does the time go? Here we are, eight weeks into the season. Some teams have played half of their games already, and the developing playoff picture is looking very interesting. As you know if you regularly read this article, the NFL makes no sense. This week didn’t make it any clearer. Don’t worry, the SneakyGoodSportsGuy will sort it all out for you.

Hey! Welcome back!

Buffalo Bills– I cannot tell you how much I dislike the New England Patriots. I respect them, sure, but I cannot stand them. Honestly, I would rather take voice-lesson from Simon Cowell than play catch with Tom Brady. I would rather be trapped in an elevator with Boris Diaw after he just played a full 48 minutes than be within a hundred yards of Bill Belicheat. Similar story with the Jets. Anyone who read Bandwagons Week 4 knows what I think about Rex Ryan.

So that’s why I HAVE to see the Bills win this division. They just can’t blow it. I was afraid for a while there when they lost two straight that this team was a pretender and they weren’t going anyway. I know Washington isn’t very good, but they really took it to ’em. Fitzpatrick is still playing well and that guy running the ball isn’t half bad, is he? If Buffalo loses to New England on the last day of the season and doesn’t win the AFC East, I think I’ll jump through the TV and punch Chan Gailey in the face.

Detroit Lions– Granted, the Denver Broncos are not good. At all. But the Lions showed that they certainly are. I will admit that I was about ready to ditch this bandwagon after last week, but seriously, how can you ever leave a team after a 45-3 road victory? This bandwagon is up and running again.

Picture from

Philadelphia Eagles– Whether or not the Cowboys are a good team or not doesn’t matter. They are at least a mediocre team, and the Eagles made them look like a very bad team. Michael Vick was in the zone, and LeSean McCoy gave us yet another reminder that he’s as good as it gets right now. So far this season, what has been the primary concern for Philadelphia? Stopping the run. They did that on Sunday, and against a guy that ran for 253 yards the week before (flash in the pan?). If they continue to play like they did last week, they can beat anyone, which is good news, because they have some TOUGH games left to play this year.

Kansas City Chiefs– I wrote earlier that this team had no bandwagon and should call it quits. Now they’re 4-3, having clawed their way back from the dead to sit in a tie for first place in the AFC West. If they still had Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry, I would probably be picking them to end up in first place (I know, I can be a flip-flop sometimes). As it is, they have some star power on this team, as Derrick Johnson is playing like a beast right now, and it looks like the poor passing game may have a spark of life from Jonathan Baldwin. I think if they could just find a way to more effectively use McCluster, they would have a very capable offense.

I hear you, I’m just not listening.

Cincinnati Bengals– Am I really supposed to take this team seriously? They have a terrific defense and Andy Dalton has played fairly well (it helps that A.J Green is having a great first year). The only problem is that they play in the same division with Baltimore and Pittsburgh, and they haven’t played either of those teams yet. I’m going to say it’s safe to chalk up four losses there. They play the NFC West this year, so you can give them two more wins as they have yet to play the Rams or Cardinals (they just beat the Seahawks and lost to San Francisco earlier). They have one game at home against the Browns (win) and the other two games are a trip to Tennessee and a home game against Houston. I just don’t know. Can a team really get this much better after getting rid of Ochocinco, T.O, and Carson Palmer? Was a fresh start all they really needed? They keep winning, but I’m just going to keep turning my head the other way.

Are you kidding?

New Orleans Saints– I’m still trying to figure out how this team lost to St. Louis. Wait, no, I just figure it out as I typed this sentence. Steven Jackson went beast mode. But that doesn’t explain how they managed a “measly” 21 points and were held scoreless in the first half. Did Drew Brees actually play a bad game. Yep, I’m going to say he did, and I say it with confidence. Ever notice that there are just some quarterbacks that always get a free pass? I’m not letting this one go; an elite quarterback just seriously messed up. His team is only 5-3 right now, and with Atlanta and Tampa Bay lurking, the Saints should feel a little uneasy right now.

Baltimore Ravens– Only because the Cardinals are so terrible were they able to come back. They were dominated that first half, and if they play like that against a good team they will certainly lose. While it was nice to see Anquan Boldin have another good week, Joe Flacco had better get his act together and Ray Rice only gained 2.8 yards per carry (at least he scored a lot of points for my fantasy football team). This team is as good as any, but that disgraceful first half was enough to make me wary for another week.

Tim Tebow– I have not seen a quarterback play a worse game in a long time. I like Tebow, but that game

Not good Tim, not good. I’m praying for you (seriously I am). Picture from wikipedia.

was atrocious. In his defense, he lost his number one receiver via trade and his offensive line is in shambles. Also, I’m not really sure why the Broncos took him out of the shotgun spread offense after the first series, it worked, didn’t it? Still, he missed receivers all game. Manute Bol couldn’t have reached some of the balls he threw. He missed one deep route by about 20 yards, and he missed an EASY 3rd & 3 pass badly. If he doesn’t have a good game next week, the naysayers will be louder than ever, and may never shut up.

A couple of pretty good teams.

Pittsburgh Steelers– They played a great game against New England. Roethlisberger rebounded from an early interception and just blitzed the sorry Patriots pass defense. Throughout the game, on both sides of the ball, Pittsburgh just looked more confident than New England, controlling the game from start to finish. What was it at one point? 26 offensive plays to 3? This game would be easy to overlook if it was against a lesser team, but this was against the PATRIOTS! Who are pretty good, by the way.

San Francisco 49ers– Stopping the run + running the ball well = wins. This formula used to be the one that NFL coaches swore by. Now, it’s a passing league. Someone forgot to tell the 49ers that. They just keep winning, and keep in mind that they play in the NFC West, so they are going to keep winning. This team could finish 12-4 easily.

In other news

Patrick Peterson had one of the best punt returns I have seen in a while. It was his second one this year, too, so keep up the good work Patrick.

Tony Scheffler is a knob. He made a great catch, possible the best of the week, and then decided to do a fake Tebow after a touchdown catch. I know he’s angry because he got cut by the Broncos, but Tebow had nothing to do with it and that’s a harmless thing Tebow does that doesn’t deserve ridicule. A more creative and respectful touchdown celebration please.

Vincent Jackson had an insane catch against the Chiefs on Monday. Too bad it didn’t count because one of his feet was barely out of bounds.

What’s up with Philip Rivers? Tough year so far, and if he isn’t play well San Diego doesn’t stand a chance.

Jon Gruden believes that the NFL should do away with challenges because they take too long and disrupt the flow of the game. He’s sort of right. I think challenges are a necessary part of the game, but they should never take more than about 30 seconds. Mike Tirico said that the refs only have a minute to take a look at the play, but then they have to look at how much time should be put on the clock and where to spot the ball. If the play takes longer than 30 seconds to review, it’s probably too close to call and should not be overturned. Meanwhile, why isn’t someone upstairs looking at the time and yard-line scenarios and has those ready to go the second the call is made? Challenges take too long.

What do you think? I know there are a lot of teams I could have written about this week, so which ones do you think I should have included? Like, comment, subscribe, post to facebook, e-mail the SneakyGoodSportsGuy at Thanks!


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