Friday to Monday, Jay-Z to Mundy

I have absolutely no idea how I want to start this article. I have to talk about rap music, The Simpsons, and all the great movies that are coming out in the next 30 days or so. And that’s just the start of it; I’ve got plenty of sports to talk about. Sorry if this article has you on YouTube for the next hour; it’s just one of those days. So, to start…..

Third Degree Burn– I’m telling you this nickname is going to catch on sooner or later. The Miami Heat are scorching the league and have the best record at 8-1 right now, scoring 108 per game. So far the preseason favorites have not disappointed. Neither has LeBron, who after quitting the 3 has shot 60% from the field. Never mind that D-Wade and James haven’t even played every game. Chris Bosh even scored 33 in an overtime victory versus the Hawks without Wade and James there. I have emailed Rick Reilly and Bill Simmons trying to get them to promote Third Degree Burn as a nickname in place of lame ones like “Miami Thrice,” or “The Heatles.” Both have unwisely failed to respond. Think about how well this nickname works! They burned the league by joining forces in Miami, LeBron burned Cleveland by leaving, they scorch other teams with their offense. Please get the word out if you think this is a good nickname. I don’t even care if I get credit for it; this just needs to be heard!

Finally some good movies!– I saw Warhorse a couple of weeks ago and I was impressed. It would be easy to assume that this movie was going to be a dopy animal movie. Far from it. So many emotional themes combined into one movie, accented with scenes of the devastation of war and beautiful landscapes made Warhorse an exceptional movie.

However, that was the first movie I had seen in theaters since Planet of the Apes (also good). I missed Real Steel, but that was all I had really been interested in seeing. Now Hollywood is opening the floodgates! On January 20 is Redtails, the story of the Tuskegee Airmen. The original movie (an HBO original) was only okay, but this looks like it will be worth seeing. Cuba Gooding Junior might be able to revive his career with this one, and this is a story that needs to be told.

Then on January 27 comes The Grey. What else do you need to know other than Liam Neeson fights wolves?

Then on February 10 Safe House comes out. Denzel Washington looks like he’s going to be a bad guy (or maybe that’s just what they want you to think) in this one, a role he hasn’t played often since Training Day. However, he was scary good in that, so I think this could be worth seeing too.

Messi wins…. again– You know, I haven’t fully caught on to the soccer craze like a lot of people have, but I could use a little more futbol in my life. Can they just make an ESPN10 where all they play are the best soccer players in the world? I want to see Didier Drogba man-handle the bruisers in the Premier League. What makes Samuel Eto’o worth 28.8 million dollars per year? Most of all, I want to see Lionel Messi chase Pele. Seriously, this little man is lights out good. He’s the LeBron of soccer, only better. He just won his third straight Ballon d’Or, soccer’s highest honor. Unfortunately I can never watch him unless ESPN deems the game worthy of air-time.

Triumphant return for Homer this week. Wikipedia.

The Simpsons– This Sunday aired the first new Simpsons episode in several weeks, and it was well worth the wait, as it was one of the funniest episodes I had seen in a long time. The writers just set Homer loose, and he provided laugh after laugh. As usual, the show did a nice job of bashing fairly. When it comes to insults, The Simpsons is an equal opportunity employer. The guest appearance of Ted Nugent wasn’t bad either.

Public Enemy + X Games = Win– I once thought that whoever was the genius who put Otis Taylor’s Ten Million Slaves in the trailer for Public Enemies should be given a medal. If he gets one, so does whoever decided to put Public Enemy’s Harder Than You Think in a commercial for the Winter X Games. I’m telling you, sports and rap music just work together. For those of you who listen to rock or country pre-game: you’re missing out. Some good rap (none of the mainstream crap out there…. I’m looking at you LMFAO) or Classical music (calms your nerves like no other) is the way to go. Now I can’t decide what my favorite rap instrumental is. For a long time I thought it was Kanye West’s beat for Jay-Z’s Heart of a City, but Harder Than You Think has been playing in my head all day. I don’t know, they’re both great. All I know is that there is a lack of good rap out there these days. Popular secular rap these days needs more albums like The Adventures of Bobby Ray.

NOTE: I’m actually not a huge fan of the song Heart of a City or Harder Than You Think. I just love the background beat and instrumentals. There is a lot of secular rap that I dislike, mostly for lyrical content, but the music itself is still solid. Try as I might, I can’t let the illuminati thing go either. Can’t go wrong with the 116 Clique….

The BCS strikes again– So is it really fair that Alabama is the national champion? Should they have really gotten a chance to play LSU again? In my opinion, it is definitely possible that Bama was the better team this year, but they got their shot at LSU during the regular season and lost. Sorry, bring on Stanford. Why should you have to defeat a team twice to prove you’re the national champion? Just something to think about: Before the game, LSU had defeated a whopping eight ranked teams. Alabama only defeated four.

Marquette Golden Eagles- If you looked at the box score of the better half of each game Marquette played this year, you would say “Wow, this must be a top five team in the nation.” If you looked at the box scores for the worse half of each game they have played, you would say “Wow, this must be one of the five worst teams in the Big East.” Versus Georgetown they led 43-29 at half and lost by 3. They were down by 18 at half versus Syracuse and outscored them by 11 in the second. It’s obvious that they can play with the best teams in the nation, but for how long? I like Buzz Williams as a coach, but is this his fault?

Milwaukee Bucks– The object of basketball is to put the ball in the hoop. Unfortunately the Milwaukee Bucks struggle to achieve this, and consequently lose a lot of games. Sometimes they get away with it because of great defense, but their defense is currently ranked 15th right now. Not exactly Milwaukee standards. Bogut’s absence is a factor, as well as some games missed by other key players like Mike Dunleavy, but the central problem is still there. The Bucks just don’t have a consistent scorer outside of Brandon Jennings, and even he is a stretch. Stephen Jackson has been, to me, a step down from Cory Maggette. He shoots way too many threes and makes way too few. I have actually been kind of intrigued by Shaun Livingston. I think he could be more aggressive on the offensive end, particularly when he gets a mismatch as a 6-7 point guard.

Tebow Time? It was this week. Just don’t forget that other players played in the game too….Picture from wikipedia.

Playoffs?!- Not much to say about the first three games other than Arian Foster, Giant defense, and Drew Brees. The fourth game brought by far the best football. The Steelers did the smart thing and challenged Tebow to beat them with his arm. Unfortunately for them, Tebow fired several bombs to Demaryius Thomas and five passes for 30 yards or more later and the Steelers were eliminated. It was actually like entertaining to watch Tebow play quarterback.

But enough about Tebow, how about all the dramatic plays in that game? Champ Bailey dropped what should be for such a distinguished player an easy interception. That probably would have sealed the game, but it instead allowed for a tremendous catch by Jerricho Cotchery. Or how about Willis McGahee losing the ball to Ryan Mundy when the Broncos had a chance to win the game? His knee was about an inch off the ground when he lost control. I particularly enjoyed watching Roethlisberger chase down a high snap. After a few steps on his bad ankle he realized he wouldn’t beat Dumervil and decided to just get in his way. Finally, everyone was ready for the new exciting overtime rules and the Broncos took all of 11 seconds to win the game and make history. I can only hope next weekend brings more of the same.

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