It’s Still Your Turn: A Countdown

It's the Christmas season! And just like the Magi followed the Star in the East to Bethlehem, you should follow my blog! Although I will admit my writing isn't as important as Jesus. Well, not even close.

It’s the Christmas season! And just like the Magi followed the Star in the East to Bethlehem, you should follow my blog! Although I will admit my writing isn’t as important as Jesus. Well, not even close.

Where do the days go? 15 days since I wrote about Wisconsin’s run to the Rose Bowl? Well I guess trying to get your athletic power forward Create-a-Player on NBA 2k13 to develop skills will take up a good deal of time. So will playing Assassin’s Creed 3, which has not disappointed. In this multiplayer-dominated gaming world of 5 hour single player campaigns, it’s nice to play a game with this much content. AC has been a very high quality series. But back to the real subject, why must created players be so miserable when they start out? I mean, my guy is terrible at everything on offense. Maybe by year 5 I will be able to consistently make contested 5 footers and open mid range jumpers. Wait, that wasn’t the main subject. What was I talking about? Oh, right, writing blogs, something I have not done enough of in recent weeks. I also had finals, and that is generally considered a worthy investment of time.

In the future I’m planning on writing a “list” article every Saturday. In an effort to get myself to write more often, I will make up lists ranging from “Top 10 Movies No One Has Seen” to “5 Sports Fashion Trends That Need To Go.” So look for that. The critical sports thinking involved in the writing of these articles might not always be Platonian, but it may also expand the pop culture/non-sports/outside the lines/more people will want to read this aspect of my blog. Readership is appreciated. Funny thing about Platonian, I’m not entirely sure if he’s the philosopher I wanted to reference when measuring the deep thinking of the list articles, but beyond that, when I typed in “Platonian” it got underlined in red and “Platonic” was suggested. I was like, “Hey, that’s probably right,” so I changed it and googled that word. Platonian, made up as it may be, is a more appropriate word than Platonic, as I’m sure you can find with a quick google search.

Anyway, this ramble of a post is really an introduction to a series of articles I’m going to be writing. I get a little nervous as I type this, because last time I tried to write a series, the “Grading the Games” endeavor, it failed epically after only two installments. However, I already have a good deal of material in mind for this project, and I think I can muster the enthusiasm. This series, in conjunction with my new Saturday Lists, should give me a way to write steadily while incorporating the current events of the sports world.

The Countdown is called “It’s Still Your Turn.” I will be counting down the top 10 athletes with the most unlocked potential that are currently hovering on the edge of the spotlight. Some may be in the spotlight, but have just arrived. Others will have been fully in the spotlight and since faded, their potential still intact. Kind of see what sort of athlete I’m describing here? I can tell you now that NBA and NFL players will take up the majority of the list, but there will be at least one baseball player, at least one soccer player, and no NHL players (sorry, I just dislike writing about things I know so little about). Let me know if you have a measurably better name for this countdown other than “It’s Still Your Turn” (and does that make sense?).

So you have that and the lists to look forward to. At the conclusion of the NFL season, a very pessimistic NFL regular season article should appear.

And finally, how do you like the new header? Hopefully it lets readers know that this is not your typical sports blog.

Enjoy the Christmas season! Remember what it’s really about.

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Soli Deo Gloria

The SneakyGoodSportsGuy



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