It’s Still Your Turn – 9

Tim Tebow


What? The most famous backup in history is passing by unnoticed? That’s not possible, is it? No single athlete has been on SportsCenter more in the last two years. No player has gained more unwarranted attention in the last decade (at least).

Yet, the fact that Tim Tebow has thrown 8 passes this season is the reason that he makes it on to this list of athletes who have great potential, are ready to unleash that potential, yet have faded from the spotlight of sports media. This probably does not make any sense to you. And yeah, as I’m typing it, I’m wondering if it makes sense either.

But let me spin it this way: Tim Tebow won a playoff game last year after going 7-4 from the time he took over. This year, he sat behind a quarterback who did everything in his power to lose his starting job and an unproven second-year QB who once threw a pass while he was ten yards past the line of scrimmage (his other option was run out of bounds with no time left in the game, down by 4).

This year, the Jets decided to continually play Mark Sanchez, who neither won games nor put up numbers. He had no great comebacks. He failed time and again, and was completely embarrassed on a number of occasions. No fear, New York, you have a backup quarterback who took over a 1-4 team last season and won a playoff game. Yet the Jets decided to continue to sit Tebow. The critics continued to talk about how unfit to play quarterback he was. Boomer Esiason said that no one wants to see Tebow play because then the Jets wouldn’t be playing a real quarterback or running a real offense. And now, Merril Hoge, one of ESPN’s worst “experts,” has called out not only his play, but his character.

Tebow did something last year unlike anything seen before in the NFL. You play to win the game, and Tebow won a lot of games. As a passing quarterback, he was at times dreadful. But as a football player, his performance cannot be argued against. Some would say it was all a fluke, and I would not necessarily refute that, but the idea that he did not get a chance to prove that notion wrong is maddening.

Tim Tebow has become a celebrity who happens to wear a football helmet sometimes. His personal life has become the subject of sports debate. It’s time the sports world took him seriously again as an NFL quarterback. If he starts somewhere next year, the Tebow argument can finally be put to rest. He may lead a team to a number of victories, many of them in stunning fashion. He could inspire an unmotivated team to play beyond their abilities. If he does that, the critics will have to shut up about the looping throwing motion, and his inability as a pocket passer, and just accept the fact that he can win games his own way, 5.4 yards per carry at a time.

The celebrity named Tim Tebow is talked about too much, and has gained far more attention than many more worthy athletes and stories. However, the football player Tim Tebow, the quarterback who won the AFC West last season, the quarterback who was benched in favor of one of the worst quarterbacking seasons in recent years, has left the spotlight. Until he finally gets a chance to finish his turn playing quarterback, Tebowmania will never go away. The great question of Tim Tebow is going to stay until we have a definitive answer. All he needs is the chance.

It’s Still Your Turn Countdown

10. John Wall

9. Tim Tebow

8. Coming Soon

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