2 Years of SneakyGoodness

The original header.

The original header.

Two years ago today I finally went forward with my idea of writing a sports blog. Over the course of these two years, I have written at the rate of two posts per week and the rate of one post per month. I have taken long breaks. I have changed the theme, header, and fonts. I have written some really strong articles and a few pretty poor articles. Overall, my writing has come a long way and despite the frustrations that this blog has occasionally caused me, the decision I made to join WordPress two years ago was a terrific one.

One thing that I have found since September 2, 2011, is that I often write about topics and bring up ideas before they reach mainstream media. I have also missed some predictions pretty badly. So, in this post, let’s review what I’ve called right and where I’ve missed the target in my sportswriting career.

My 2011 NFL Preview was a mix. My team by team predictions were weak and only one of my four conference championship game teams made it (New England). My individual predictions were a little better, but picking Cam Newton, Von Miller, Patrick Peterson and J.J. Watt to do well were kind of easy predictions.

I have been fair in my criticism of the media’s haste to use extreme terms. The continuous shift in LeBron’s legacy has been solid proof of this.

I brought up the decline of baseball long before it became popular talk on sports shows. I have maintained this view since I originally wrote about it, and I have been proven right again and again. Related to the decline of baseball, I noticed the rise of soccer and predicted a continued ascension well before ESPN got on board and NBC bought the rights to televising the Premier League. Last year I began my fandom of Everton, and we will see in due time more and more people like me join the world of soccer fans.

My guide to defeating the Packers during their winning streak in 2011, although never implemented, was manifest in the 49ers two victories over the Packers in 2012-2013.

I have shown myself to have a pretty solid understanding of the Marquette Golden Eagles.

I described LeBron has having “grown up” after his 2012 Game 6 versus Boston. ESPN soon followed suit.

I sort of missed predictions on the Knicks and Jeremy Lin. Although I have been against the Melo trade since day one, I have continued to believe that team would find a way to make it work and compete in the playoffs. They still have yet to prove me right. I thought Jeremy Lin might light it up with the Rockets and Kevin Martin. Playing alongside Harden instead of Martin probably had something to do with Lin’s relative lack of production, but I really think I called it right when I said that Lin’s move to Houston worked out best for everyone. And now with Harden becoming arguably the best shooting guard in the league, Chandler Parson’s terrific play, and the acquisition of Dwight Howard, Lin might not put up numbers, but he will be winning games.

I accurately identified Malace in the Palace as the NBA’s key transitional moment.

Back when Lance Armstrong just stopped defending himself (before he eventually admitted to doping) my article on him was a slight miss. I was correct at the time; his apparent guilt didn’t seem to matter because of his philanthropic contributions. But a few months later when he finally admitted to doping, the conversation came to the general consensus that he is a total villain whose charity was a product of ill-gotten gains. I correctly outlined the conversation, but I probably was wrong when predicting Good Lance would outweigh Bad Lance. I will add that someone on ESPN wrote something very similar to what I wrote.

My 2012 NFL Preview was pretty poor. I missed a lot of predictions. I did however predict that Russell Wilson would turn out to be a fine quarterback.

I was pretty close on my Milwaukee Bucks preview.

My post about Jay-Z and his influence on the NBA has proven to be eerily foretelling. He sold his worthless share in the Nets (only after recreating them in his image) and got into the sports agent industry, landing a few major signings. And ESPN has decided to discuss that, late as usual.

My discussion of Tyrann Mathieu and our coverage of college athletes has been reflected in the Johnny Manziel saga.

The It’s Still Your Turn Countdown was a predictions series of sorts, and some have already been partially proven true or false. John Wall had a great season after his return and received a big-time contract, as I thought he would. Tim Tebow got another chance but, as of now, has failed. I thought he might make good. Carmelo and the Knicks, as I mentioned earlier, failed to make it to the Easter Conference Finals, as I thought they should have. Derrick Rose still hasn’t returned from injury. Skateboarding has not produced “The Man” yet, although some features have been done on Nyjah Huston. Also, ESPN expanded coverage of the X Games, so that is progress. Wayne Rooney hasn’t taken his turn yet. The Exiles in Los Angeles are doing quite well, while those in Toronto are struggling. We’ll see how Cam Newton does this year. Michael Vick has the starting job for now, so it also remains to be seen if he does what I think he can do. Vick has failed my predictions so far; hopefully he doesn’t again.

So that’s a basic outline of my successes and failures.

Also, here are my favorite articles that I have written. Each of them are still relevant now and could be worth a re-read.

Their Legacies, and They’re Legacy

The NBA’s Powerful New Puppeteer

LeBron Grows Up

NBA Day 1

Yes, these are all articles about the NBA. That might be telling.

Anyway, thanks to all my readers for your support, especially those of you who consistently read when I post. Stay posted: more articles, lists, rankings, and radio shows are on the way.

Like, comment, subscribe/follow, email at pcd5834@gmail.com. Thank you for reading!

Soli Deo Gloria

The SneakyGoodSportsBlog


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