A Few Thoughts: Game 2

Chris Bosh Dunk

There’s so much to write about and so little time. So, as I plan to do after every Finals game, here I give you a few thoughts:

  • That LeBron James guy is pretty good. And you should appreciate what he does whether you like him or not.
  • I’m feeling pretty good about the way I previewed this series. We are seeing that San Antonio can only hope things turn out for them if they execute their gameplan to the best of their abilities. In this series we have seen a lot of great play and a lot of poor play from the Spurs’ offense, some of it unforced and in many cases caused by Miami’s pressure defense. The Heat, on the other hand, can take games, even if they supposedly should not win them. That is why the Heat are going to win this series.
  • I like Kawhi Leonard a lot, but he has really been failing the Spurs thus far. He has played okay when he’s been in the game, but he hasn’t been in the game nearly enough because of foul trouble. He needs to turn it up a few notches and really impact the game on both ends of the court. He’s really the only player on the Spurs that can “guard” LeBron.
  • Ginobili has been magnificent. For my money, he’s been the Spurs’ best player (followed closely by Tim Duncan). I can’t decide if the late turnover on his one-handed pass was his fault or Duncan’s.
  • Miami isn’t getting a lot of contribution from their role players, but Rashard Lewis was really good in last night’s game. His ability to at least hold his own on defense is making him an upgrade over Mike Miller.
  • I’m not sure what the player’s said last night or will say today about the physicality of the game and the way the officials handled it. The players seemed like they wanted the officials to let them play, but then they complained about a ton of calls and non-calls.
  • Everyone knows that jumpshooters have to be protected, but we have to stop calling fouls when the shooter leans in to the defender. We should probably call it the Dwyane Wade Rule. (I can’t decided if I dislike that or the Kevin Durant sweeping arm foul worse).
  • Also Dwyane Wade should expect a pretty decent fine for pretending to get hit in the face.
  • Still not really sure why Udonis Haslem isn’t getting more playing time.
  • Chis Andersen did not look good. His late basket was big, but overall his defense, rebounding, and offense were all sub-par. He just doesn’t look himself. I expect Birdman and Norris Cole to both give much greater contributions at home.
  • We’re going to get the Dwyane Wade game eventually.
  • Danny Green has got to get more shots. Maybe the Heat are doing that fine a job of making sure he doesn’t, but I think if the Spurs want 3s they should draw up a few more sets for Green.
  • Such a great drive and dish by Chris Bosh. He had no intention of scoring on that possession when LeBron initially passed it to him when anticipating a double team, but when he noticed that LeBron was closely guarded and Tim Duncan wasn’t in great position, he made a nice crossover and attacked. An easy pass and finish for Dwyane Wade put the game away. Terrific play to follow the clutch 3. Also he had a couple nice and-1 dunks. The guy can play.
  • This series is so close. Either team could be up 2-0 right now. If LeBron James continues to play like this, I think the Heat are going to win, especially because they have 3 out of the next four at home (where I think the bench players will play much better) and because, like I said, we’re going to get the Dwyane Wade game eventually. If the Spurs have another gear, it isn’t significantly higher than the one they’re at now, which means that this series will be won or lost depending on what the Heat do.

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