About Me

Writestafarian Shaman, Zen Basketball Monk, Progressive Dadaist, Macho Feminist, Establishment Saboteur, Cultural FullSizeRenderProvocateur, Jesus Freak, to name a few of my self-given titles.

I write.

I write essays and poems and short stories and actually one time I wrote a novel which I don’t think will ever be published.

This was once a sports blog. It isn’t anymore – it’s where I post this, that, and the third – but you might still find some sports here now and then.

Maybe some day this will the website where you can find information about book signings and cool writing things like that. Hey, maybe?

I’m an English Master’s student studying the intersections of literature and culture. I’m working on a thesis about abstract configurations of Black Jesus in novels by Wallace Thurman and Theodore Dreiser.

If you want to “follow” me either by clicking the “follow” button (for WordPress users) or by entering your email at the bottom of the page, that would be dope.

I’m on Twitter @PeterDahl3434.

Unless I say otherwise, the images on this blog are not mine, but since I don’t make any money off this, I can’t imagine anyone would be too upset if I borrow their work. But, since they are so prominently displayed, here is a link to where I found the beautiful header image, and here is one for the cool background.

(This is a wordpress blog).

Forth now, and fear no darkness.

Soli Deo Gloria

– Peter



5 thoughts on “About Me

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