The Tree (Spoken Word)

Gondor Tree

Here’s a few things to know.

  • The “lyrics” are posted below the video.
  • You can find other poetry I’ve done by selecting the “Poems” category at the bottom of the page.
  • This is the first poem I have recorded. I know I have a lot of room to improve but you have to start somewhere!
  • I’m finding that spoken word is way easier than rapping (but still not easy).
  • Even though I haven’t been posting a lot, I have been writing (although not quite daily).
  • I am working on some larger projects.
  • Sort of unrelated: John Owen is dope.
The Tree

Good soil
because no matter the toil
it comes down to the earth 
touched by royal hands.
Acres in the king's lands
anchored within the lord's plans.
Elected, predestined and tested to withstand
the present trials and meant for a future return from exile
that is the difference between the narrow path and the paved road.
Seeds sown here are the ones that grow.

in what you know. 
What you can't change, what's ever present,
effervescent in the core of the mind and heart of the soul and you know.
You exist.
There's no room in cogito ero sum to say you can't think
and therefore you are.
God exists. 
Or gods, or ten thousand things, as nature has imprinted this idea
on your mind and if you don't mind mine is fixed on one divine.
Yahweh? Yeah, way above anything you dream the precious Elohim
El Shaddai or should I say a bridge in the great divide the almighty.
And for God to be God and for me to me 
I'd say it's safe to say he created me
and is greater for he's the creator and that leaves a crater
in a landscape of worldview
because if God made you
then this life through and through is
a relationship between him and you.

Planted by water
Receiving streams of mercy from the father
Listen for his voice, you hear it? 
That's the flow of the spirit
so come near it 
and no amount of heat or drought can ever
defeat or knock out the lifeline of communication
for praise, thanks, and supplication.

With a trunk that rings true of who you say you
belong to. An interior authentic to its exterior,
and though the bark may be a thick hide 
inside there's nothing to hide
because salt and light have made no room for parasites
and this wood isn't rotten because on that wood lay the begotten
and no matter size or make no matter how this tree might shake
it will stand strong and not break.

Branches, that reach out and reach high,
arms that reach to the sun and the sky and tendrils that
extend til they rest with ease at its side.

And these many faceted limbs bear leaves
boasting of colors that hail a glory not its own.
The first sight that anyone sees is the vibrancy 
that comes no matter the season,
however life changes for whatever reason,
those who see the leaves leave them
thinking of beautiful words and the one who breathes them
even in the winter when the leaves leave them
the branches hold a beauty for whomever sees them.

The utility of these branches and these leaves,
the life that might find rest in the treetops
and the shade and shelter for the one who stops and
leans against or lies beneath and enjoys a reprieve to hear
the wind gently rustle the canopy and give rest to the weary.

Storms will come and winds will howl.
Lightning will strike, and the rains won't fall,
the trunk will creak and the boughs will bow
but this tree will endure it all.

And not only that, but it will bear fruit.
The signs of righteousness and holiness,
the return of the spirit's work,
love joy peace patience kindness
and others of their kind it's
the honorable output of a healthy
well watered being living in the warmth of the sun.
Fruit that leaves a seed a legacy
of gloria deo soli.

That's my prayer for you. It's my prayer for me.
From seed and sapling, that you'll find true roots in fertile soil,
drinking the only water that satisfies, healthy through the core,
reaching high, with beautiful leaves and good fruit,
no matter the storm or season.
God loves us,
Christ is the reason.
This is my prayer.
For you, for me.
Grow tall, live free.
Praise Jesus.
Be a tree.

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